Coded UI for Word 2013

Nov 28, 2014 at 6:59 AM
We are developing Automation POC for Internationalization testing of Microsoft Office Word 2013. We are trying to build a automation framework which can be scaled up to multiple languages (different Office Language packs).

We are using record and playback feature of VSTF 2013 Coded UI to generate the code in one language. To make this code scalable on different languages, we are storing the culture strings (like Window Title, Control label and Control name) in resource files. But while running the automation in a different language, Coded UI cannot find controls even though the specific language strings are fetched from the resource file.
We also tried finding controls using combination of properties like ClassName + ControlType but did not work.

We tried to get Control Ids for Word elements via below methods:
1.Using Inspect.exe and accscope.exe -> These do not provide control ids for the elements. It provides a Runtime Id in Hex format which is not identified by coded UI and changes during runtime .
2.Built-in Control Scanner tool from -> Not compatible with Office 2013.
3.We also tried using Visual Studio Coded UI Microsoft Word Add-in -> This works only for VS 2012 and Office 2010.

Can you please suggest a solution by which we can uniquely identify and load any Toolbar controls (like Find, Replace etc) and widows like Find and Replace window in different cultures for Word 2013?